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I found NSW Tutors had the best range of tutors. We could read up on their background and experience, and when we found one it was easy setting up the first class.
Tas - Mum
I contacted tutors that were close to my school for convenience after I researched a few profiles and read up on their experience. I found an awesome tutor that helped me through my HSC.
Tara - High School student

I've gotten a few students already. My tip to other tutors is to write as much information as possible and add a photo to your profile - it helped.
Henry - Physics Tutor

The shadow education system

Extract from UNESCO publication:

Private tuition is not a new phenomenon: it has been practised for quite a number of years in developed and in developing countries alike. In fact, private tuition has become part of the educational environment to such an extent that nobody really questions its existence. The scale of these activities varies a great deal from country to country, but it is often underestimated. In some countries additional private courses, whether provided on an individual basis or in special institutions, have become a huge business, mobilising extensive resources and employing many people. Mark Bray reports that in the Republic of Korea, admittedly somewhat an extreme case, parents spend on private tuition 150 per cent of the sum that the government invests in education.

The benefits of private tuition

  1. Students proceed at their own pace
  2. Students do not feel embarrassed to ask questions
  3. Students receive customised and individualised attention
  4. Lessons take place in a casual relaxed atmosphere

So what does NSW Tutors do?

To receive the full benefits of private tuition, we understand that a student needs to be able to connect with a great private tutor. But sometimes it is difficult to find that perfect tutor.

NSW Tutors has been started by a private tutor in Sydney who understands the needs of students, parents and tutors.

NSW Tutors is dedicated to helping students and parents find the best tutor possible.


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