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  • What type of tutors can I find?

    With hundreds of tutors across many subjects and locations, it takes just seconds to contact them. Select a tutor you like by location, subject, experience, price, and rating. Then contact the tutor directly by clicking the Contact Tutor button on their profile page. Our tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates and general smart cookies. Have a look and find a tutor now!

  • Are there any bookings or registration fees?

    Nope, for students seeking tutors we do not have any booking or registration fees (or hidden costs).

  • How much does tutoring cost?

    Each tutor sets their own rate (usually between $10 and $60 per hour) so shop around! More experienced tutors will typically charge a higher rate. You can view more information by clicking on an individual tutor's profile. Please contact a tutor for more information.

  • I reached out but my Tutor has not responded. What should I do?

    Sorry to hear that! We know it can be frustrating to not get a response. We notify each tutor by email when you contact them and most will respond within 72 hours. Occasionally, tutors may be delayed in responding due to various reasons like not having access to email. If you have not heard from them within a few days, please try another tutor.

  • How do I pay the tutor? What forms of payment do you accept?

    We stay out of the billing process and let you deal directly with the tutor for payment, usually payment will occur at the end of your class or however organised with your tutor.

  • Where are tutoring sessions held?

    Most tutoring sessions are held in person and can take place wherever you are most comfortable. This could be your residence, a coffee shop, a bookstore, or a library. Check the tutor's policy on driving times and how far they are willing to travel on their profile page. Some tutors may also be available for online or virtual tutoring sessions.

  • Beware of Scams!

    The vast majority of our users are honest people- but we still encourage you to be vigilant as with any other website. Be smart and on the lookout for anything that might look suspicious. If you spot anything that worries you then please contact us immediately. 

    You can read our Terms and Conditions, Tutor's Code of Conduct and our Privacy Policy for more information. Happy Learning!  

  • Why don't I appear in student search listings?

    Please make sure you have completed registration and uploaded a recent profile picture.

    If you still do not appear in search results, please contact us directly.

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